World Alzheimer’s Day: How you can make a difference in research

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By Dr Laura Phipps | Thursday 19 September 2013

Today is World Alzheimer’s Day. No doubt the day will mean something different to everyone touched by Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia.

For some, it’s an opportunity to think about those we know affected by dementia, or those who are no longer here. For others, a chance to raise awareness or think about how we can stop others going through the heartache of dementia in the future.

For World Alzheimer’s Day, as well as launching our blog, we’re encouraging everyone to take an active interest in dementia research. We’ve teamed up with the National Institute for Health Research to make a short film about Morag and her husband John.

What makes this couple so special is not that Morag has a rare form of Alzheimer’s called posterior cortical atrophy, but that together they are helping researchers to understand more about it. Morag is taking part in a research study and let us follow her for a day with our cameras to understand more about what getting involved in research really means.

As you will see, it can mean a whole load of things – from focus groups to questionnaires to brain scans. There are also plenty of ways for people without dementia to make a difference in research.

Why not tell us what you’re doing for World Alzheimer’s Day?


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