You might have general questions about the diagnosis or symptoms of dementia. Perhaps you’re interested in the treatments currently available, or the risk factors for developing the condition. You will find the answers in these pages.

The information here does not replace any advice that medical professionals may give you, but provides some background information which we hope you find helpful.

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Support for people affected by dementia

Find contact details of organisations that provide care, support and/or information for people with dementia, their carers and loved ones.

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Facts and stats

The facts and statistics around dementia in the UK, including prevalence, the impact on the economy and investment.


The Brain Tour

The Brain Tour, inside dementia is an app designed for iOS and Android phones, that uses augmented reality to transport users inside the brain.


Frequently asked questions

Answers to some common questions about dementia, memory, risk factors and treatments.


Tell us what you think

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Order free dementia information

Alzheimer’s Research UK has a wide range of information about dementia. Order booklets or download them from our online form.

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Dementia in detail

Learn more about amyloid, tau and Alzheimer's disease in our factsheet!

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