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Clinical Research Courses

We have pulled together a number of courses that can help with clinical research.

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Double-blinding grant applications

What is double-blind and why are we piloting this scheme in our grant applications?

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Narrative CVs

What are they and why switch to this format?

Research resources

We have a number of resources and guidelines that can help with experimental design.


Research guidelines and policies

Below you will find links to useful policies and guidelines relevant to all of our grant schemes, whether you are currently an applicant or a reviewer.


Talking about your research

Engaging the public with your work can be a hugely rewarding part of being a researcher.

Play Sea Hero Quest

Sea Hero Quest

After a successful journey gathering data from 4.3 million players and over 117 years of total game play, Sea Hero Quest is now available for scientists to continue using this fantastic app as part of their research into cognition and spatial navigation.

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