We aim to be open and transparent about the work of Alzheimer’s Research UK in order to gain the trust and confidence of our supporters, wider stakeholders and the general public, and therefore have a formal procedure for dealing with comments and complaints.

Your comments and complaints are important to us. They give us an opportunity to monitor and improve what we do and help us to understand public perception. Our complaints procedure is part of our focus on supporter satisfaction and a vital part of managing our charity properly. If you’re unhappy with any part of our work or any communication you have received from us, please contact us:

Telephone: 0300 111 5555
Email: enquiries@alzheimersresearchuk.org

James Holden
Supporter Care Manager
Alzheimer’s Research UK
3 Riverside
Granta Park
CB21 6AD

Please be as specific as you can regarding the nature of your comment or complaint and the material/issue you are referring to and quote any codes that may be mentioned on letters, for example. Please note, as a charity with limited resources, we cannot always address complaints which aren’t directly related to our work, or that we are not in a position to comment upon.

What we promise to do

During office hours (Monday-Friday; 8.30am-5.00pm), telephone calls will be responded to within two business hours where possible. If you contact us by email, we will endeavour to reply within three working days. Where we receive written correspondence, we will acknowledge the complaint in writing within five working days of receipt. Should we be unable to resolve your complaint within these time frames, we will advise you of the outcome of any investigations required within one month of acknowledging your communication.

Fundraising Regulator

In addition, if your complaint is about our fundraising and you are dissatisfied with the outcome of our investigation, you have the opportunity to refer your complaint to the Fundraising Regulator within two months of receiving our response. They will independently investigate your complaint.

Contact details
2nd Floor
CAN Mezzanine Building
49-51 East Road
N1 6AH

Telephone: 0300 999 3407

Email: enquiries@fundraisingregulator.org.uk

Online complaints form http://www.fundraisingregulator.org.uk

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