Dementia Explained

Looking to learn more about dementia? Dementia Explained has been developed by Alzheimer’s Research UK to help children and teenagers understand dementia, how it affects someone and how this could impact their lives.

Young kids

Your amazing brain is inside your head. Click here to explore the brain, play our games, read a story, and learn about an illness called dementia which people sometimes get when they get older.

These pages are for younger children, up to about 6 years old.


Find out about dementia and the brain by playing games, reading a story, taking a tour of the brain and hearing from young people who have experience of a family member with dementia.

These pages are for school children, from 6 and over.


We’ve put together information and activities to help you find out more about the brain, how it can go wrong in dementia, and the effect this can have on people.

Do you have something to say?

On the memory board young people have shared some of their experiences of dementia through pictures, videos and pieces of writing. If you would like to add something about dementia or the brain, find out how by clicking the ‘Share a memory’ button at the top of the page.



Your fundraising can change the future. Dementia shatters lives and leaves millions heartbroken. But every pound you raise brings us closer to a cure to defeat the diseases that cause the condition.

Our fundraising pages are packed with ideas about how schools and young people can make the breakthroughs possible.


The content here is managed by Alzheimer’s Research UK, following the principles of the Information Standard to ensure it is accurate, evidence-based and up-to-date. The sponsors provided financial support for the project and had no influence over the content of these pages.

We are grateful for everyone who helped in the development of this site. Special thanks to:

  • Children’s science author Isabel Thomas.
  • Children’s author Matt Elliott.
  • Illustrators James M Threadgold and David William Nunn.
  • Angela Stokes for initiating the project.
  • Edith Bowman for kindly voicing the story books.
  • The dementia experts who have helped create and review  content.
  • All of the families and children who have offered support and guidance throughout the project.

The project started as partnership between Alzheimer’s Research UK and a group of staff from the pharmaceutical company Eisai Ltd, who chose to dedicate their time to helping children understand dementia.

Dementia explained has been possible thanks to the generous support of: