Alzheimer’s Research UK is the world’s largest dedicated funder of dementia research.

We are committed to supporting biomedical research that will take us closer to treatments. Not only do we fund studies through our range of Project grants for tenured researchers, but build capacity though our PhD Scholarships and Research Fellowships.

Our research portfolio

Our currently active research investment is £35.3m, in more than 140 projects across 3 continents.

You can find more information in our research funding dashboard. You can browse about more of our funded work in our projects pages.

The International Alzheimer’s Disease Research Portfolio is a database which allows researchers to visualise and track changes in the global Alzheimer’s disease research landscape.


Research Conference

Join us at the ACC Liverpool and online for the Alzheimer’s Research UK Conference 2024 to hear the latest findings in dementia research.


Our research strategy

Our focus is to accelerate the ‘bench-to-bedside’ journey: our funding seeks to translate scientific findings into patient benefit as rapidly as possible.


Early Career Researcher Portal

Find out about the opportunities and resources designed for early career researchers


Translational Hub

Find out about our range of translational initiatives and platforms to help researchers progress their discoveries towards therapeutic application.

Two scientists inspecting compounds in some test tubes

Grant schemes

Alzheimer’s Research UK has a large number of different grant schemes through which you can apply for funding.


The impact of your research

We monitor the impact and progress of the research that we fund in a number of ways.

Map of UK outlining our Research Network

Research opportunities

We have a wide range of funding streams that support work on prevention, diagnosis and treatments.

A group of scientists

Network Centres

The Alzheimer’s Research UK Research Network is a unique, collaborative venture in the dementia research community.


Resources and information

Find out more about experimental resources available, research guidelines and conference opportunities throughout the world.

Our strategic initiatives and partnerships

Alzheimer’s Research UK is a partner in a number of consortia and other research initiatives, both within the UK and internationally, which aim to accelerate progress in dementia research.