About our policy work

We’re working with government, parliamentarians, clinicians, industry and people impacted by dementia to support life-changing research.

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Working with parliament and government

We engage with parliamentarians to influence policy decisions that will benefit people effected by dementia and the wider dementia community

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For healthcare professionals

We work with healthcare professionals to promote brain health, support earlier diagnosis, increase engagement in research and to ensure future dementia treatments reach people as quickly as possible.

Contact the Policy & Influence team

Our team works closely with government, parliamentarians and people affected by dementia to put key issues on the political agenda.

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Campaign with us

Ready to make a difference? When you campaign with us, you join a passionate, ever-growing community of people from all backgrounds, united in our mission to advocate for a cure and to revolutionise the ways in which the NHS prevents, diagnoses and treats Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.