If you're a UK taxpayer, Payroll Giving allows you to give a regular donation to Alzheimer's Research UK directly from your gross salary.

Payroll Giving is a tax efficient way for you to fund our research. Your donation comes from your salary before tax is deducted, and the Inland Revenue passes the tax relief onto Alzheimer's Research UK.

How to start Payroll Giving

To set up your regular donation, check with your employer if they can accept Payroll Gifts. If they can, complete the quick and easy Payroll Giving form below, and we'll do the rest.

Once the form is processed, your employer will be informed, and your donation will come out of your gross salary each payday.

Sign up to Alzheimer's Research UK Payroll Giving by using our online form

The Payroll Giving Agency handles the admin and notify your employer

If your employer has set up Payroll Giving, the donation will be taken

Thank you for your donation.
Look at what a difference you've made!

The benefits

When you set up a donation through your payroll, the amount you choose to give is taken from your salary before tax deductions. For example, if you want to give Alzheimer's Research UK a regular gift of £10, only £8 will be deducted from your salary each month. The extra £2 comes from the Inland Revenue.

Alzheimer's Research UK automatically receives all of the tax from your gift, even if you pay a higher rate of tax.

Some employers offer a matched giving scheme, which means they will match the gift you make to Alzheimer's Research UK each month. Some even 'double-match' their employee's contributions. Ask your employer if they're part of the matched giving payroll scheme.

Amount you give each payday Cost to a standard 20% taxpayer Cost to a 40% taxpayer Cost to a 45% taxpayer
£10 £8 £6 £5.50
£30 £24 £18 £16.50

How your regular payroll gift will fund vital research

By setting up a regular donation through your payroll to Alzheimer's Research UK, you could be funding the following resources:



£3 a month over a year could fund one hour of ground-breaking research.



£5 a month over a year could help provide the tools for scientists to map 10,000 genes in minute detail, identifying targets for the development of new treatments.



£10 a month over a year could help pay for a sensitive brain scan for a person involved in a research study, tracking the effectiveness of new drug treatments.

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"It has been so difficult to see a once articulate, confident, outgoing and sociable man become afraid, confused, embarrassed and dependent on me in such a short period."

- Alison Littleford and the impact Alzheimer's has had on her husband

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