By identifying and targeting gaps in our knowledge and barriers to progress, we can ensure we’re tackling dementia in the most effective way and from every angle.

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Through our big initiatives, we’re developing the infrastructure and expertise to be able to capitalise on the most promising science from around the world. We are unravelling the complex risk factors for dementia as well as investing in drug discovery programmes that give us the best chance of delivering effective new treatments for people with dementia.

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Early Detection of Neurodegenerative diseases (EDoN) is the largest initiative in the world that will collect, share and analyse clinical and digital health data to detect diseases like Alzheimer’s. Ultimately, this approach would be used by doctors to give an earlier and much more accurate diagnosis of dementia diseases.

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UK Dementia Research Institute

The UK Dementia Research Institute is the single biggest initiative in dementia research ever launched in the UK and thanks to you, we’re proud to be part of it.


Dementia Consortium

This unique initiative unites charity, academic and private sectors in the search for new dementia treatments.


Drug Discovery Alliance

This ambitious initiative unites three dedicated Drug Discovery Institutes, all working to translate new findings from academic research into potential treatments as quickly as possible.


Research is showing us that dementia is caused by physical brain diseases with complex causes. While age is the biggest risk factor for many dementias, our genetics and our lifestyle also appear to play a role.

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Psychiatry Consortium

The Psychiatry Consortium aims to deliver treatments for the behavioural symptoms affecting people with dementia.

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