Our promise to you

We rely on your support to help us find a cure through the funding of pioneering dementia research and the best scientific minds.

Getting a dementia diagnosis

Why we’re here

A world free from the fear, harm, and heartbreak of dementia. A world with a cure.

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Our history

Since we were founded in 1992, the scientists we fund have made significant breakthroughs in dementia research. But there’s still more to do.


Our organisation

Alzheimer’s Research UK is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity. We are governed by a Board of Trustees, the Charity’s board of directors.

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Towards A Cure, our strategy to 2033

Our 10-year organisational strategy sets out our path towards a cure – defining the change that we want to see for people affected by dementia and identifies the unique role that we play.


Alzheimer’s Research UK or Alzheimer’s Society

We are not linked, sister companies, or part of the same organisation. We are two distinct and different charities that have different goals, missions and visions. Our common link is Dementia and the diseases that cause it.