Nearly a million people are living with dementia in the UK today - with many falling through the cracks undiagnosed. Steep inequalities and fragmented services mean early diagnosis, appropriate treatment and support are limited to some.

But we’re at a tipping point. Years of relentless research are finally beginning to turn the tide on dementia.


Big change happens when many people take small but significant actions and raise their voices in unison. To increase momentum and build on hard won progress, we need you to add your voice to ours.

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We stand #ForACure

When you campaign with us, you join a passionate community, united to advocate for a cure and to revolutionise the ways in which the NHS prevents, diagnoses and treats Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.


The beating heart of our campaigning efforts


We seek to build:

  • Community by continuing to amplify our collective power and voice.
  • Connections by listening and showing up authentically for people affected by dementia and their loved ones as well as by seeking to partner and build coalitions.
  • Capacity by promoting the knowledge, skill sets, leadership and resources required to address local and national issues.

Our campaigning wins

With your help, we're making progress for dementia research and people impacted by the condition.

Our deep policy thinking

We work to ensure people affected by dementia benefit from the progress in research, by providing evidence and insights to influence decision-makers

We need to act

We won’t sugarcoat it – our campaigning end goal, just like our research for a cure, is about the long game. The true impact may not be felt for a generation but to get there, we need to act now and push for political action on one of the greatest public health challenges of our time.


Being a campaigner with us doesn’t mandate that you must march in the streets or lead a movement—though those are powerful acts. It means standing up for what’s fair and holding those in positions of power to account. It’s the conversations you have at your dinner table, the time you take to share your story, sign a petition or take part in a creative action, the empathy you show to others, and the passion you put into your community.


Your voice matters. Your actions count. Do what you can today.