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Rob Hamilton

Campaigner since 2017

“I really wanted to do something that would make a difference to those affected by dementia, but as I’m not a scientist I needed to find something else. Being a Campaigner means I can raise awareness of the need to invest in research with the people who have the power to bring about change.

“Seeing the progress you can make as a Campaigner is definitely the best part, it felt like a real achievement when I organised the lab tour with my MP. I’d encourage anyone thinking about becoming a Campaigner to sign up. If we don’t do it, who will?”


Richard Ash

Campaigner since 2015

“In 2015 I lost my wonderful Dad to Alzheimer’s after he put up a tremendous fight. It was so sad to see him withdraw from the incredible and outgoing character he was.

“I vowed at the time to do my part in helping to eradicate this dreadful disease for future generations and Alzheimer’s Research UK was an obvious and worthwhile choice.

“After I wrote my MP Andrew Mitchell, he dropped me a letter to say he was going to address the matter. I then had a note from Alzheimer’s Research UK to say how helpful Mr Mitchell had been – I was hugely impressed with how simple the process was and the impact achieved.

“Campaigning is so easy to do and I believe that raising the charity profile within government will ensure that much needed funds are allocated for both research and care of people with the disease.”


For further information about our policy activity, email us at policy@alzheimersresearchuk.org or fill out this form.

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