Of the leading causes of death, dementia is the fastest rising health condition in the UK and the biggest long term health challenge we face. Investment in research is key to making the breakthroughs we need to deliver life-changing treatments. And that investment must also be channelled into the right areas.

Our team works closely with government, parliamentarians and people affected by dementia to put key issues on the political agenda. We aim to keep the focus on the government policies that can have the biggest impact for research and for people living with dementia.

Find out more about these priorities below:

Brain Health

We’re raising awareness of the importance of brain health to reduce dementia risk, and urging government to deliver public health policy that promotes healthier lifestyles.


We’re working to create a strong environment for dementia research in the UK to support the development and delivery of new treatments.


We want to ensure every person in the UK with dementia can receive an early and accurate diagnosis. This is crucial for taking part in research and accessing the right care and treatment.

Access to treatments

We are working with the government, NHS and regulators to ensure future dementia treatments reach people as quickly as possible.

Other areas of work

Policy reports

Our reports provide evidence that helps to build awareness and support pioneering dementia research in the UK and globally.

Position statements

Our position on the leading issues affecting research and people with dementia and how these issues impact our work.

How to get involved

We need your knowledge and experience to support our policy and public affairs work.

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