Our policy work

We work with the UK government to campaign on dementia research issues that affect our scientists and supporters.

Alzheimer’s Research UK’s Policy and Public Affairs team is campaigning to improve the lives of the millions of people affected by dementia in the UK and across the world. We do this by highlighting the desperate need for more research into the condition and developing evidence-based policy to inform government decisions. With your support, we’re working with governments in the UK and worldwide, funders, industry and people affected by dementia to channel efforts in the same direction.

Our work is focused on the following key areas:

  • Understand: Raising awareness of dementia and ensuring a thriving life sciences sector.
  • Reduce Risk: Helping everyone understand dementia risk, teaming up with government, charities and other organisations to make our voices louder.
  • Diagnose: Ensuring people with dementia can access a timely diagnosis.
  • Treat: Working with the NHS and medicines regulators to plan ahead, ensuring that new treatments are provided to everyone who would benefit as soon as they become available.

We rely on the support of our dedicated campaigners who help us to make our voice heard by government and beyond. Want to join our army of campaigners? Find out more here.

To find out more about our policy work, contact: policy@alzheimersresearchuk.org