We’re working with governments worldwide, funders, industry, and people impacted by dementia to support life-changing research.

Policy reports

Our reports provide evidence that helps to build awareness and support pioneering dementia research in the UK and globally.

Position statements

Our position on the leading issues affecting research and people with dementia and how these issues impact our work.

Consultation responses

Our submissions to government offer an important opportunity to influence policy and keep dementia research on the agenda.

Areas of work

Supporting research

Creating a strong environment so dementia research in the UK and worldwide can prosper.

Working with governments

Engaging policymakers around the globe to support dementia research and deliver new treatments.

Brain Health consensus statement

Driving progress in dementia risk reduction by rallying health stakeholders around ‘brain health’.

Future treatments

Working now to ensure future dementia treatments reach people quickly.

Dementia Access Taskforce

Developing collaborative solutions to prepare for future dementia treatments.

Policy Involvement Panel

Learning from people impacted by dementia to shape and drive our policy work.

Charity Medicines Access Coalition

Working together to increase patient access to new, innovative medicines.

Clinical Policy Advisory Panel

Enlisting the help of clinicians to inform policy relevant to treating people with dementia.

Impact on people

Understanding the way dementia impacts people living with the condition, carers, women and society.

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