Gifts in Wills allow us to keep on powering groundbreaking research during challenging times. They’re an incredible gift to the future, whatever the future holds.

One third of our life-changing research projects into causes, preventions and a cure for dementia are only made possible because of gifts in Wills. They allow us to continue to make vital progress in dementia research long into the future. This offers hope to our children, grandchildren and future generations of a world free from the heartbreak of dementia.

There’s no commitment to include a gift to Alzheimer’s Research UK if you choose to take up one of these offers. However, if you do want to leave the ultimate gift to the future, we would be incredibly grateful.

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To keep you and your family safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, some of our Will-writing providers have changed their services, such as not offering face-to-face appointments.

All of our offers are still available to you, as you can write your Will in a range of accessible ways, such as face-to-face through a screen, through a video call, online or over the telephone.

With the support of a solicitor

Write your Will for free with the National Free Wills Network

Available in: England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland.

Solicitors are following the governments guidance therefore may not be taking face to face appointments in your area. Those who are able, are taking instructions following socially distancing rules and all solicitors are able to take instructions via the telephone and/ or Skype.

Through this partnership, anyone aged 55 or over can make a Will for free.

The offer covers simple single or mirror Wills. A simple Will is usually defined as having a small number of straightforward bequests. If you have overseas property, you’d like help with inheritance tax planning, or you’d like to create a trust, your Will is not likely to be classed as simple.

If the person making the Will has dementia, this may also affect whether they can make a simple Will as the solicitor will need to judge their capacity. This can sometimes cost more, for instance if the solicitor needs to get a letter from their doctor.

If you’re not sure if your Will would be covered by the offer, ask the solicitor when you call to make your appointment and they will advise you. If it’s not simple, they may offer a discount equivalent to the cost of a simple Will.

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Write your Will for free online with Farewill

Available in: England and Wales.

We know that lots of supporters lead very busy lives and arranging time to meet with a solicitor isn’t always possible. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Farewill, the UK’s most popular online Will writing service in England and Wales.

Simply follow the link and create an account to complete your Will instructions online.

Once you have submitted your instructions, the Farewill team will review your Will within 5 working days and may get in touch if they have any questions. As soon as Farewill have contacted you and they’re happy with your Will, you can download a copy, print it, and follow the instructions to make sure you sign and witness it correctly.

If you have dementia an online Will may not be the most appropriate option. If you would like to proceed with using Farewill, you might need to book a telephone appointment. Farewill's sign-up journey will help redirect you to this service as appropriate, and if you need to speak to their team they are available over both chat and telephone.

Write your Will over telephone, Skype or Facetime

The Goodwill Partnership

Available in: England and Wales.

As a charity we know that for many of our supporters, getting out to visit a solicitor’s office can be difficult or a little overwhelming. With this in mind, we’ve partnered with The Goodwill Partnership, who offer a telephone or Skype/Facetime Will writing service in England and Wales.

Through this service, a trained counsellor will call you at a time that suits you – including daytime, evenings and weekends – to take your Will instructions. There are also a limited number of appointments each day over Skype or Facetime. The counsellor will pass your instructions on to a panel of solicitors, who will then write your Will. In the rare case that there are any issues with the instructions, the solicitor will contact you directly. The Will is then sent to you, directly from the solicitor, for signing and witnessing.

A single Will through the Goodwill Partnership costs £108+VAT. This price is fixed, no matter how detailed your Will is.

To book an appointment, you can call The Goodwill Partnership on 0844 669 6148 or visit their website

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If you would like to find out more about these offers, or have any questions, please contact the Gifts in Wills team on 01223 896606 or email

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