Battle of the Brains


By Laura Pearson-Clark | Monday 21 October 2013

Fancy holding a fundraising quiz for dementia research?

Battle of the Brains takes the hassle out of organising your own event from scratch.

Alzheimer’s Research UK staff love a quiz. The office is a pretty harmonious place, so it’s always a welcomed change of pace to be able to pit our wits against one another. Throw in a spot of friendly rivalry and people are falling over each other to get involved.

This is true across many workplaces, clubs and friendship groups, so we have created the Battle of the Brains (BOTB), our very own fundraising quiz pack that takes the hassle out of organising your own event from scratch. The rest is easy:

  1. Time and Date – Find a date and time when as many people as possible can attend and a venue that’s easily accessible. This way there are no excuses for not joining in. A bit of forward planning was required when we held our very own BOTB quiz. We’re a committed bunch and there’s always a lot to keep us busy, but we found a lunchtime when plenty of willing participants were available.
  2. Nibbles – You should expect your quiz participants to arrive thirsty and peckish so you’ll want to provide plenty of snacks and refreshments. It was critical we got this right for our event as staff are accustomed to the availability of a near continuous stream of goodies generated through their celebrations of colleagues’ birthdays, engagements, baby announcements etc, so a variety of tasty goods were the order of the day.
  3. Location, Location – Make sure your venue has all the space you need. Ensure teams can spread out so that eavesdropping on opponents is kept to a minimum! Don’t forget to decorate.
  4. Master of ceremonies – It’s an easy one to forget, but somebody needs to step forward to be your event’s quizmaster. If you can, select somebody whose voice can rise above the competitive debate that’s likely to arise; somebody who can command the respect of the teams. Community Fundraising Manager Parminder was quickly selected for the role at our event and then promptly equipped with an ill-fitting flashy jacket (not essential, but provided constant amusement).
  5. For the winners (and losers) – Finally, make sure you have prizes to decorate the winners. As mentioned, we find colleagues are particularly stimulated by sweet treats. So for the winners a box of chocolates, and the losers; ‘The Neurons’ – let down by an embarrassing lack of geographical knowledge, the wooden spoon.

battle-of-the-brainsThe quiz a great way for different departments to socialise and, ultimately, a great way to fundraise and support our mission to make breakthroughs possible.

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