People diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment are needed to take part in research studies.

As some people with MCI may be in the early stages of a disease like Alzheimer’s, researchers are keen to find out whether possible new treatments work in people with MCI.

You can register to find our which research studies you may be suitable to take part in via Join Dementia Research.

You can also register your interest and find out more about what might be involved in a research study by clicking the button below.

So far, we have invested over £210 million in dementia research, working with the most forward-thinking scientists and world-class organisations. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, research is underway to understand the risk factors for MCI, as well as identifying those with the condition who are most likely to go on to develop dementia.

With your support, we will fund many more studies into MCI and dementia. We promise we will not stop until dementia can no longer destroy lives.

What is mild cognitive impairment?

This introductory leaflet aims to help you understand mild cognitive impairment. It’s for anyone who might be worried about their own or someone else’s memory.

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Research projects

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This information was updated in November 2023 and is due to be reviewed in November 2025. It was written by Alzheimer’s Research UK’s Information Services team with input from lay and expert reviewers.

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