Women and Dementia

A Marginalised

Several thousand women celebrate their
100th birthday each year in the UK. If
you live for 100 years, how might
dementia impact you during
your lifetime?

Women are living longer than men,
nearly 3 in 4 people over
90 are women.
Age is the most significant
contributing factor to dementia.

850,000 people with
dementia in the UK.
500,000 are

Women over 60
are 2 times as likely to have
dementia as breast cancer.

After 65, risk of dementia
doubles every
5 years

Dementia is the most feared
condition for people over 55.

60 -70% of
carers for people
with dementia
        are women.

17% of working
women carers felt
penalised at

Women are 2.3 times
more likely to provide care for
someone with dementia for
over 5 years.

19% of working
carers had to
quit work to provide care.

62% of women carers found
caring for someone with
dementia emotionally

Women carers report feeling
less supported
than their male

Women are 2.5 times more
likely to provide intensive,
24 hour care.

Women carers are
more likely to feel
isolated and depressed.

Dementia is the leading
cause of death
for women. 3rd for men.

Dementia is devastating.
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