Wickes takes over London to help raise £100,000 for Alzheimer’s Research UK

23 August 2017

Travelling to over 20 London landmarks in a day, by many different modes of transport and in eccentric fancy dress, was just one of the wacky fundraising ideas from colleagues across the whole of Wickes as they embarked on a week-long event for Alzheimer’s Research UK – raising more than £100,000.

The group of 15, who all work at stores in the London region of the company, got the inspiration for their challenge from the 2012 Olympics. When arriving at the landmarks, they put their own spin on the sporting events from the Games – with space-hopper races outside Big Ben, gymnastics in front of Nelson’s Column and Pink Panther dancing outside Buckingham Palace.

This was part of a company-wide fundraiser to mark the first year of the partnership between Wickes and the UK’s leading dementia research charity. The company launched its How Far Can You Go event for the celebrations, which encouraged colleagues to travel as far as they could, using whatever means possible.

Over the week, taking place from 21-28 July, people from stores across the UK took on a range of unique and wonderful challenges – from pirate ship races to a ‘get lost’ challenge that involved being dropped off 200-miles from home with no way of getting back. There were also some more traditional fundraisers, including wheel-barrow races and sponsored runs. Teams could rack up extra points for the creativity of their challenge, as well as the distance travelled, all competing to claim a spot on Wickes’ How Far Can You Go leaderboard.

All funds donated over the week will be added to total raised by Wickes for Alzheimer’s Research UK since the partnership launched, with this figure currently standing at more than £600,000. The charity funds pioneering research into dementia and the diseases that cause it, and has an ambitious mission to bring about a life-changing treatment by 2025.

Ian Wildman, Wickes’ Regional Operations Manager for London, who took part in the landmark challenge, said:

“We wanted to do something special as a group to launch the charity event across every store in the region. Alzheimer’s research UK is an important charity to us all as dementia is something that will touch most of us at some point in our lives. It was a great day and the public seemed to get as much out of it as we did. Tourists were taking plenty of photographs and asking us questions about what we were doing, which of course helped raise awareness of the charity in the capital.”

Simon King, Managing Director of Wickes, said:

“We are overwhelmed by the success of How Far Can You Go, a challenge which has inspired many of our colleagues at Wickes to get involved and do something different for a fantastic cause. Thanks to the efforts from the week, we’ve raised an incredible amount for Alzheimer’s Research UK. It’s been a really rewarding way to mark the success of our partnership so far and we look forward to this enthusiasm continuing over the next year.”

Kate Moss, Corporate Partnerships Officer at Alzheimer’s Research UK, said:

“We are so impressed by How Far Can You Go and incredibly grateful for everyone at Wickes who got involved to raise funds for Alzheimer’s Research UK. This was a fantastic event, which gave people the chance to be creative and have some fun. Over the week, we saw everything from the wonderful to the wacky and are in awe of some of the ideas people came up with.

“What Wickes has raised over this week, along with the £600,000 already donated, will go a long way in our fightback against dementia. There are currently 850,000 people in the UK living with the condition, with this number set to rise to one million by 2025, but through the power of research, we know we can defeat the condition. It’s thanks to companies like Wickes that we can continue to fund the pioneering research that will lead us to a life-changing treatment.”