The following disclosure statement states how Appco UK ltd is paid:

Appco UK Ltd is a professional fundraiser and is paid a fee for recruiting committed, long term donors for Alzheimer’s Research UK (the Charity). This appeal is expected to raise £4,095,314 in income over the next 5 years for the Charity. This will help the Charity to make a difference by increasing the funds available for life-changing dementia research.

The Charity expects to pay Appco UK Ltd approximately £2,007,507 (Notifiable Amount) for this appeal. The Notifiable Amount is calculated by multiplying the relevant fee (taking into account the donation amount) for each donor acquired by the number of new donors the Charity is seeking to recruit and then adding any data management costs.

Appco UK is only paid in respect of a donor once that donor has made their first donation. The Notifiable Amount may be reduced if the number of active donors is lower than expected.