Walk through fire to help find a cure for dementia!

Calling all daredevils! Take on our Firewalk challenge in London this Autumn and help to #MakeBreakthroughsPossible.

Location: Broadgate, London
Date: 30th October 2019
Activity level: Daredevil!

Trained and supervised by UK Firewalk founder, Scott Bell, (twice Guinness World Record holder for the ‘Greatest Fire Walking Distance’) you will walk across hot coals barefoot in this fun challenge! It’s a unique opportunity to try something new while helping us get closer to finding a cure for dementia.

At Alzheimer’s Research UK, we know that dementia is caused by diseases, and with your help, research can overcome them. Every pound you raise will help make breakthroughs possible.

Event details

  • All ages welcome.
  • Event will take place between 6-9pm and your allocated walking time will be between 7pm and 9pm, after the training session.
  • Pay a registration fee of £25 to secure your place (non-refundable).
  • Raise a minimum of £150 for Alzheimer’s Research UK.

What exactly is a firewalk?

Participants will undergo training of around one hour. When the fire has burned to red-hot embers it is raked level and prepared for the walk. Participants then go to the fire, remove their footwear and one by one are invited to walk the coals.

Is it a trick?

No. The fire is very real. The embers will be glowing red-hot – we can often measure the temperature at around 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. You will have bare feet, and they will not have been treated in any way.

Will it hurt?

The sensation is described by some as walking on eggshells, others as walking on hot sand. Each walker has his or her own experience. There is also the opportunity to walk across the coals more than once.

Join the team and you’ll get;

  • A bespoke Alzheimer’s Research UK t-shirt & fundraising pack.
  • Fundraising support from the Alzheimer’s Research UK team and your local officer.
  • A glass of bubbly with your fellow daredevils to celebrate afterwards.

Venue: Broadgate, London