Dementia is the greatest medical challenge of our time. Today 50 million people worldwide are living with the condition. There is currently no cure, and no treatments to stop, slow or prevent the underlying diseases. But with your support, Alzheimer’s Research and Ricoh are working to change this.

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One in three people know someone close to them with dementia, yet only a quarter of people know that the condition is caused by diseases that physically attack the brain. Diseases like Alzheimer’s slowly rob people of their ability to think, reason and remember, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. That’s why we’ve joined forces with Ricoh to generate much-needed funds for dementia research, boost awareness and improve public understanding of this devastating condition.

Through their imagine.change.Challenge programme, Ricoh’s digital Printed Memories postcard tool is enabling people with dementia to stay connected to their family and friends. And we are working together to produce a number of other awareness campaigns, leveraging Ricoh’s technologies and expertise.

Your donations will help make possible essential work to build understanding of dementia, reduce the risk of the condition, improve diagnosis and develop new treatments. Your support could help put vital resources and equipment into the hands of our scientists, taking us closer to a breakthrough. By donating, you’ll be joining thousands of employees across Ricoh who are playing their part by raising funds for this work.