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Talks and Q&A with Dr Chris Hardy and Dr Eithne Heffernan on the links between unaddressed hearing loss and dementia.

Around 1 million people are affected by dementia in the UK, and 12 million people are estimated to have a type of hearing loss. It has never been more important to understand this link.

Alongside this, people with dementia often have difficulties with their hearing. It can be challenging to understand speech and other important sounds. This can impact their quality of life, hindering communication with others.

Watch back to hear from the experts who are working to find out more about the links between hearing loss and dementia.

If you have any further questions about hearing loss, please get in touch with the RNID.

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Chris Hardy Photo

Dr Chris Hardy is a Senior Research Fellow at the Dementia Research Centre, University College London. He completed his PhD on hearing and dementia in 2017, and alongside his research he co-leads the national UK Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA) Support Group run by Rare Dementia Support.

We hear with our brains, as well as our ears, and different types of dementia are associated with different brain-related hearing problems. In his talk, Chris will present his recent work on brain-related hearing in people with different forms of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease and PPA. He will also discuss the prospect of tests of brain-related hearing being used to help identify people who may be at risk of developing dementia.

Eithne Heffernan

Dr Eithne Heffernan is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham. She completed her PhD studying hearing loss and social engagement in 2017. Her current research focuses on co-existing dementia and hearing conditions. She is also a member of the working group for the Understand Together Campaign: a dementia awareness campaign led by the Health Service Executive of Ireland.

In her talk, Eithne will share her research on the priorities and experiences of people living with dementia and/or hearing conditions, their families, and their clinicians. She will also discuss her research on current and future care for people living with dementia and hearing loss in UK audiology services.

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