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Talks and Q&A with Dr Mathieu Nollet and Dr Berta Anuncibay Soto from our Imperial College Network.

In this session, our speakers discussed their research into the connections between sleep and dementia. They discussed their work, which investigates whether sleep abnormalities contribute to Alzheimer's, or whether they may be a consequences of brain changes that have occurred in the disease.

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Dr Mathieu Nollet

Dr Mathieu Nollet works at the UK Dementia Research Institute based at Imperial College London. In his research, he studies the development of sleep disturbances in Alzheimer’s disease. Problems with sleep is often reported by people with Alzheimer’s, and these problems can appear before other symptoms like memory problems. However, it’s not clear whether poor sleep causes or aggravates brain changes in Alzheimer’s, or whether sleep disruption is a consequence of the disease. He will talk about his research trying to unravel the links between sleep and Alzheimer’s, to understand how brain changes such as amyloid build up may also affect sleep.

Dr Berta Anuncibay Soto

Dr Berta Anuncibay Soto is a scientist at the UK Dementia Research Institute based at Imperial College London. In her research, she is trying to unravel the relationship between sleep disturbances and Alzheimer’s disease. She will talk about the different tools and methods she uses to study this in the lab, to understand how poor sleep is linked with diseases like Alzheimer’s.

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