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Radio and TV presenter Edith Bowman was joined by Prof Katie Lunnon, Chair of our Grant Review Board.

They discussed different areas of dementia research, talking about advances in technology, the importance of early detection and potential new treatments on the horizon.


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Edith Bowman is a radio, TV and podcast presenter. She became a supporter of Alzheimer’s Research UK after seeing the impact of a rare form of dementia, progressive supranuclear palsy, on her uncle, and her grandfather’s experience of vascular dementia. After visiting one of our researchers and discovering the power and hope that lies in research, Edith lent her support to the development of Dementia Explained, and kindly provided voiceovers for two children’s books about dementia.

Katie Lunnon in lab

Prof Katie Lunnon is a dementia researcher based at the University of Exeter. She leads a group of scientists working on genomics – the study of genes and how they are regulated and behave. She and her team focus on dementia, trying to understand how different tags on genes are linked with the risk of developing the diseases that cause dementia. In 2020, Katie was appointed Chair of our Grant Review Board, which reviews and recommends the most promising research projects for Alzheimer’s Research UK to fund.

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