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Talks and Q&A with Dr Mariana Vargas Caballero and Dr Karen Marshall from our South Coast Research Network.

This session focused on research that looks at the early brain changes in Alzheimer’s disease, such as the damage to nerve cells.


Mariana VC

Dr Mariana Vargas-Caballero is based at the University of Southampton, where she studies the connections between nerve cells in the brain. Research has shown that damage and loss of these connections leads to the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Dr Vargas-Caballero will talk about her research which is building our understanding of what happens to these connections and how to protect them.

Karen photo

Dr Karen Marshall is a researcher from the University of Sussex. Her work looks at vital housekeeping systems in cells investigating how they are linked with Alzheimer’s disease. In her talk, Dr Marshall will discuss her work understanding how waste disposal and recycling systems in nerve cells cause damage in Alzheimer’s disease, and whether there could be ways to rescue cells from this.

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