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Talks and Q&A with Dr Adam Greenstein and Dr Kate Kellet from our North West Research Network.

This session featured talks about research into vascular dementia, focusing on the role of blood vessels in the brain. Our speakers spoke about how understanding how blood vessels are affected in dementia could highlight way to protect the brain from the condition.


Dr Adam Greenstein

Dr Adam Greenstein is a consultant physician at Manchester Royal Infirmary where he specializes in the care of people with high blood pressure (hypertension) and in Care of the Elderly medicine (also known as 'Geriatrics' or 'Gerontology'). He splits his time between his work at the hospital and his work in the lab, where he leads a group studying the smallest arteries in the brain and how they supply blood to brain tissue. In his talk, he will discuss the link between hypertension and vascular dementia and outline some exciting new leads that the team are working on in order to try and prevent the disease from developing.

Dr Kate Kellet

Dr Kate Kellet is a Research Fellow at the University of Manchester, working in a group to answer some of the key questions about Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia. She uses stem cell technology to recreate the conditions of the brain in a dish in the lab. This allows her to study the blood-brain barrier, an important protective layer around the brain that shields it from the rest of the body. In her talk, she will share how she is studying how this protective layer is disrupted early on in Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia. She will also share how they are adapting these techniques to investigate the effect of COVID-19 infection in the brain.

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