Lab Notes is our series of online engagement events, where you can find out more about life-changing dementia research taking place across the UK. Each event features researchers from a different Centre in the Alzheimer’s Research UK Research Network.

These regular events will give you the chance to delve deeper into our work. You’ll hear about a different topic at each event, with the chance to put your questions to the scientists in our live Q&A.

In conversation at Christmas

When: Thursday 16 December 2021
What time: 7 – 8pm GMT
Where: Online (Zoom Webinar)

Past online events

We are recording our online events, so don’t worry if you weren’t able to join us live. You can watch videos of past events below.

Lab Notes: Sleep and dementia – symptom or risk factor?

Talks and Q&A with Dr Mathieu Nollet and Dr Berta Anuncibay Soto from our Imperial College Network.

Lab Notes: Hearts and minds: understanding vascular dementia

Talks and Q&A with Dr Adam Greenstein and Dr Kate Kellet from our North West Research Network.

Beyond neurons: the role of brain support cells in dementia

Talks and Q&A with Dr Konstantin Glebov and Dr Jon Witton from our South West Research Network.

Lab Notes: Dementia under the microscope

Talks and Q&A with Prof Stephen Wharton, Prof Kurt De Vos and Dr Steve Quinn from our Yorkshire Research Network.


Lab Notes: Connections are key: targeting synapses to treat Alzheimer’s

Talks and Q&A with Prof Tara Spires-Jones and Sarah Hesse from our Scotland Research Network.

Lab Notes: Linking genes to dementia biology

Talks and Q&A with Dr Branduff McAllister and Dr Sarah Carpanini from our Wales Research Network.

Lab Notes: The journey from Reading to Oxford

See behind the scenes in dementia research labs with Dr Francesco Tamagnini, Dr Franziska Guenther and Dr Nora Bengoa-Vergniory from our Thames Valley Research Network.

Lab Notes: Clues about dementia from protein folding

Talks and Q&A with Prof Jody Mason and Prof Myra Conway from our Bristol and Bath Research Network.

Lab Notes: Spotlight on dementia with Lewy bodies

This session featured talks about research into dementia with Lewy bodes taking place at Newcastle University.

Lab Notes: Behind the scenes of a dementia research lab

Behind the scenes lab footage and Q&A with dementia researchers.

Lab Notes: Delirium and Dementia

Talks and Q&A with researchers studying how delirium could be linked with dementia.

Lab Notes: Understanding brain health

Talks and Q&A with researchers studying factors related to brain health.

Lab Notes: The effect of COVID-19 on dementia and the brain

Talks and Q&A with researchers studying how COVID-19 may affect the brain, and the impact on people with dementia.

Lab Notes: How Alzheimer's starts

Talks and Q&A with researchers studying early changes in brain biology in Alzheimer’s

In conversation at Christmas

Discussion about different areas of dementia research, talking about advances in technology, the importance of early detection and potential new treatments on the horizon