Lab Notes is our series of online engagement events where you can find out about the life-changing dementia research taking place across the UK.

These regular events will give you the chance to delve deeper into our work. You’ll hear about a different topic at each event, with the chance to put your questions to the scientists in our live Q&A.

Upcoming events

Head injury and dementia - what is the link?

When: Thursday 18 August
What time: 11-12pm BST
Where: Online (Zoom webinar) 

Millions of people around the world experience head injuries every year. While head injuries can result in immediate damage to the brain, evidence also suggests that they could also have significant effects long-term.

Traumatic brain injury, also known as TBI, is now widely recognised as a risk factor for dementia.

Studies have shed light on higher rates of dementia in people who sustain these injuries, but we don’t yet fully understand how these events set dementia-causing processes in motion.

However, understanding the long-term consequences of a head injury and the changes that lead to an increased risk of dementia is an important goal for research.

At this event, you will have a chance to hear from the experts who are working to find out more about the links between head injuries and dementia. As well as talking about their work, they will answer your questions during the Q&A session.

The event will take place online on Zoom, and it is free to attend. It is open to everyone, and no previous knowledge of dementia or research is required.



neil graham

Dr Neil Graham is an NIHR Clinical Lecturer in the UK DRI Centre for Care Research and Technology at Imperial College London, and specialty registrar in neurology at Imperial College London NHS Trust.

His work focuses on understanding how head injury related to dementia. He investigates the biological signatures in blood and uses advanced brain scanning techniques to explore the link. He researches and develops new ways to help his patients who have experienced traumatic brain injuries.

Christine Merkel

Christine Ridout is Associate Director of Research and Policy at The Health Policy Partnership, a health policy research organisation. She leads research into complex health issues, working with leading experts to find evidence-based solutions to real world challenges.

Over the past year, Christine has been working in partnership with Alzheimer’s Research UK to understand gaps in the research on links between physical activity, head impact and dementia risk. She will share findings from this work and how this will help improve research in this area to answer key questions many people have about sport, brain injury and the links with dementia.


Past Lab Notes events

All of our online events are recorded, so don’t worry if you weren’t able to join us live.

You can find all the recordings from last year’s events below.

Lab Notes 2022

Lab Notes: How can we detect dementia earlier?

Talks and Q&A with Dr Dennis Chan and Sarah Wilson on early detection and the EDoN initiative.


Lab Notes: Spotlight on frontotemporal dementia

Talks and Q&A with Benedikt Holbling and Prof James Rowe on frontotemporal dementia and the latest research.

Lab Notes: Gender, diet and brain health

Talks and Q&A with Richard Merrick and Prof Anne-Marie Minihane about the impact of factors such as gender and diet on our brain health. 

Lab Notes 2021

Not sure where to start? We’ve picked some of our favourite events from the year for you to watch below

Please note that the information shared in these talks was accurate at the time of recording. If you have any questions about previous events, please contact the Public Engagement team at

Lab Notes: Sleep and dementia – symptom or risk factor?

Talks and Q&A with Dr Mathieu Nollet and Dr Berta Anuncibay Soto from our Imperial College Network.

Lab Notes: Hearts and minds: understanding vascular dementia

Talks and Q&A with Dr Adam Greenstein and Dr Kate Kellet from our North West Research Network.

Lab Notes: Spotlight on dementia with Lewy bodies

This session featured talks about research into dementia with Lewy bodes taking place at Newcastle University.

In conversation at Christmas

Talks exploring topics about using digital technology to detect dementia earlier, improving brain health and new treatments on the horizon.