Lab Notes is our series of online engagement events where you can find out about the life-changing dementia research taking place across the UK.

These regular events will give you the chance to delve deeper into our work. You’ll hear about a different topic at each event, with the chance to put your questions to the scientists in our live Q&A.

In Conversation at Christmas 2023

When: Monday 18 December 
Where: Online (Zoom webinar)
Time: 7pm - 8pm GMT

Join us this festive season to find out more about amyloid. How has this tiny protein shaped our understanding of Alzheimer’s disease? Why is it important that we also look beyond amyloid for treatments for dementia?

You may have seen news stories this year that new treatments for Alzheimer's disease are targeting something called amyloid. Amyloid is one of the key proteins involved in Alzheimer's disease and has been the focus of lots of biomedical research for the past 30 years. However, amyloid is not the only focus for research.

In this event, we will look back at the discoveries about amyloid that showed its important role in Alzheimer’s disease. We will also discuss some of the fascinating research that is looking at factors beyond understanding amyloid.

Taking part in this discussion is Prof Paresh Malhotra and Dr Fiona McLean. Chairing the discussion will be Henry Scowcroft, Head of Communications at Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Attendees will have the opportunity to submit questions, both ahead of the event and during it.

The event will take place online on Zoom, and it is free to attend.

It is open to everyone, and no previous knowledge of dementia or research is required. We will be recording the event so you can watch it back on demand if you can’t make it live on the night.


Prof Paresh Malhotra

Prof Paresh Malhotra

Dr Fiona McLean

Dr Fiona McLean

Henry Scowcroft

Henry Scowcroft

Past Lab Notes events

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