The Psychiatry Consortium focuses on identifying and validating novel drug targets for behavioural symptoms affecting people with mental health conditions and dementia.

The Psychiatry Consortium is a private-charity partnership between Alzheimer’s Research UK, Medicines Discovery Catapult and MQ: Transforming mental health. The major industry founding members of the consortium include: Biogen, Boehringer Ingelheim, Johnson & Johnson Innovation Limited, Lundbeck, MSD and Takeda.

The Psychiatry Consortium aims to provide up to £4m in research funding, for up to 10 high value, high risk, early phase drug discovery projects.


The Consortium is seeking project proposals which focus on the validation of novel molecular drug targets for mental health conditions, in particular:

  • psychotic disorders
  • affective disorders
  • cognitive disorders
  • psychiatric symptoms associated with dementia


For more information about the Consortium and the application process.

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