The Dementia Consortium provides funding, expertise and resources to progress promising projects from the laboratory towards the clinic.

The Dementia Consortium is a pre-competitive, collaborative model that bridges the gap between university research and drug discovery. It brings together experts in target biology from academia and drug discovery experts from industry.

The major industry founding members of the consortium include: Evotec, Charles River, and the pharmaceutical companies Abbvie, Astex Pharmaceuticals, Eisai, Johnson & Johnson, Lilly and MSD.

Through the commercial partners, promising projects can be progressed towards the clinic, and revenues shared with the originating scientists.

What does the Consortium offer?

The Consortium provides drug discovery resources, project management, industry expertise and tools as well as full funding support for projects. It can support small molecule or antibody-based strategies and aims to generate tools to achieve preclinical target validation.


Case studies

Read about the projects from the Dementia Consortium.

Other opportunity

For promising data that are too preliminary but show potential for collaboration with the Alzheimer's Research UK Drug Discovery Alliance (DDA), our Pilot Project Grant offers up to £70,000 to support translational research that shows potential for collaboration.

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