Public engagement is an important way to share and shape your research. It covers a range of ways you can bring your research to life, tap into people’s curiosity, and help them question, explore and understand dementia. It is a two-way process of interaction and listening, helping you develop your skills and enhance the quality and impact of your research.

Our Public Engagement team has a varied programme of activity and can highlight other schemes to help you engage the public with your work.

If you are planning to do public engagement and would like support or have any questions, get in contact with the team at [email protected]

Our schemes and initiatives

Lab Notes

Lab Notes is our series of online public talks and Q&A  events, showcasing the research we support.

Inspire Fund

Grants for projects that engage the public with dementia and the life-changing research going on into the condition.

Public Engagement resources


Guides and tips sheets

From lay summaries to lab tours, our tips sheets help you tailor your work to the wider public.

A Walk Through Dementia

Step into the shoes of someone with dementia with our free virtual reality app.


Dementia Explained

Running an event for children and young people? Have a look at our dedicated website.

Dementia Statistics Hub

The go-to place for facts and stats about dementia and research into the condition.


Zine making

Create a zine to help share your research, with guidance and resources from Hana Ayoob.


Brain hats

A craft resource to help explore regions of the brain.

Pipe cleaner neurons

A craft activity to explore neurons and brain networks.

Fact finders

An origami activity to learn about the brain and dementia.

Visualising dementia research

A colouring page collection by Hana Ayoob.

Other opportunities

There are a range of schemes and initiatives that you can check out (these are not affiliated with Alzheimer’s Research UK).

STEM ambassador

Volunteer as a STEM ambassador, supporting young people to pursue careers in STEM


Host young people from disadvantaged backgrounds for a summer placement, providing practical experiences in STEM careers

Native Scientist

A programme for multilingual scientists to do engagement and outreach in their mother tongue


Volunteer for the social enterprise working to inspire young women and non-binary people into STEM careers. 

person holding a model brain

Science festivals and public events

Science festivals are a fantastic and fun way to engage with the public about your research.