We have produced a range of tip sheets to help you with different aspects of engaging people with your research.

Writing a good lay summary

Lay summaries are really important to help members of the public understand dementia research and are a common feature in grant applications. This tip sheet will help you write a clear lay summary of your work.

Giving a public talk

This tip sheet will help you tailor your talk to a public audience, with guidance on how best to structure a talk, use visuals and captivate your audience.


Hosting a successful lab tour

If we’ve asked you to give a lab tour for our supporters, this guidance will help you prepare and deliver an engaging tour.

Social media guidance

This guidance will help you create engaging posts and reach more people through social media.

Talking to the media

This guide covers how the media work, and how researchers can explain their research simply through the media.


This glossary will help to adapt your language when talking to the public, with suggestions for how to explain technical terms.