What are they and why switch to this format?

The narrative CV format we are piloting consists of questions that guide applicants to provide supporting evidence of the skills, expertise, and experience unique to them. This new format aims to support an individual’s varied research outputs and contributions to the wider research community.  

We understand that relevant outputs and contributions can differ depending on discipline, career stage and area of research. Hence reviewers will be asked to consider the CV sections holistically, not in isolation, when making assessments on the candidate’s skills and expertise to deliver the proposed work.  

As we pilot this new CV format over the coming months, we will continue to work with our reviewers and applicants to seek feedback, review and further develop our grant funding procedures. We will then evaluate its use and consider rolling it out to other schemes. 

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Further help

We encourage researchers to take this online 25-minute course provided by the University of Glasgow. 

The Luxembourg National Research Fund organised a workshop covering feedback received from applicants about the narrative CV and a “Mural” with examples of outputs/achievements that fit in the different sections. View the materials on the Luxembourg National Research Fund website.