We have a wide range of funding streams that support work on prevention, diagnosis and treatments.

In addition to our response mode grant schemes, we also have joint funding calls with global partners. For researchers based in the UK, the Alzheimer’s Research UK Research Network provides a fantastic opportunity for collaborative research, as well as access to exclusive grant schemes.

ABN Joint Clinical Research Training Fellowship

We have partnered with the Association of British Neurologists to offer a 3- year Clinical Training Fellowship in neurodegenerative disorders.


Early Detection of Neurodegenerative diseases (EDoN) is the largest initiative in the world that will collect, share and analyse clinical and digital health data to detect diseases like Alzheimer’s. Ultimately, this approach would be used by doctors to give and earlier and much more accurate diagnosis of dementia diseases.

Drug discovery

We are supporting a range of international research opportunities for researchers looking to validate and progress targets for neurodegenerative diseases.

David Hague Early Career Investigator of the Year Award

Celebrating Excellence in Dementia Research

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