Scientific programme committee

The programme committee has been formed by researchers from the Alzheimer’s Research UK Scotland and North Network Centres.

  • Dr Chris Henstridge (University of Dundee) - Chair
  • Dr Fiona Kerr (Edinburgh Napier University) - Co-chair
  • Prof Mike Ashford (University of Dundee)
  • Prof Johannes Attems (Newcastle University)
  • Dr Paul Chazot (Durham University)
  • Dr Gayle Doherty (University of St Andrews)
  • Dr Paul Donaghy (Newcastle University)
  • Dr Jill Fowler (The University of Edinburgh)
  • Dr Zara Franklin (University of Aberdeen)
  • Dr Riona McArdle (Newcastle University)
  • Prof Bettina Platt (University of Aberdeen)
  • Prof Gernot Riedel (University of Aberdeen)
  • Dr Szu-Han Wang (The University of Edinburgh)

Scientific programme

Previous programmes

Here are the scientific session topics for the previous ARUK Conferences.


Links between psychiatric diseases and dementia 
Neuron-glial interactions and neuroinflammation 
Common mechanisms in neurodegeneration 
Biomarkers, diagnostic tools and digital technology 
Beyond the brain (Gut-brain axis in neurodegenerative disease) 
Preventable and metabolic factors influencing dementia 
Synaptic and network dysfunction


Novel therapies and clinical implications
Panel discussion – clinical trials
Early detection of neurodegenerative diseases
Viral infection and dementia
Other dementia/tauopathies
Neurosensory aspect of Dementia

2020 (Cancelled)


Dementia with Lewy Bodies
Discussion panel - benefits & challenges of early diagnosis
Energy metabolism, ageing and neurodegeneration
Genetics and epigenetics
Vascular dementia
Modelling of disease


The UK Dementia Research Institute
Synaptic dysfunction and dementia
New routes linking the presenilins with dementia
Energy metabolism, ageing and neurodegeneration
Insights from other dementias and diseases
Tau and neurodegeneration
Novel drugs and drug targets for dementia