Alzheimer’s Research UK is a partner in a number of consortia and other research initiatives, both within the UK and internationally, which aim to accelerate progress in dementia research.

Here you can find more information about our partnerships, some of which provide experimental resources and bespoke funding calls.

Join our Network

The Alzheimer’s Research UK Research Network is a community of over 1,800 researchers across the UK, with each Network Centre providing pump priming, travel and equipment funding as well as local networking events.

Do you have a promising therapeutic target?

We are supporting a range of international drug discovery opportunities for researchers looking to validate and progress targets for neurodegenerative diseases.

Looking for funding?

We have a wide range of flexible and responsive grant schemes for both clinical and basic researchers, including project, career development and equipment grants.

Our research strategy

Our focus is to accelerate the ‘bench-to-bedside’ journey: our funding seeks to translate scientific findings into patient benefit as rapidly as possible.