Our Peer Review process

All applications for funds are reviewed by the Organising Committee, with conflicts of interest appropriately managed.

You can download pro-formas here and these can be submitted to the Network Coordinator or Administrator when applications open for the year. We’ll update this page with deadline dates once applications are open again for Network funding.

Recently funded projects

In our most recent call for applications, we funded the following projects:

Title of award Type PI Collaborators Amount
Selenoprotein P as a novel therapeutic target for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) Pump priming Dr. Talat Nasim (Bradford) £3,800
UDCA mechanism of action Pump priming Dr Christopher Ugbode (York) £2,700
Correlating Mitochondrial Capacity with Neuroimaging Changes in AD Pump priming Dr Simon Bell (Sheffield) Matteo DeMarco, Dan Blackburn, Laura Ferraiuolo, Tom Jenkins, Iain Wilkinson, Heather Mortiboys, Annalena Venneri £4,000
Semantic memory to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease at the mild cognitive impairment stage: A longitudinal pilot study Pump priming Dr Matteo De Marco (Sheffield) Laura Wright £3,954.50
The ERK5 cascade as a neuroprotective pathway in Alzheimer’s disease Pump priming Dr Jürgen Müller (Bradford) Sonia Corrêa £3,971.49

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