Our Peer Review process

All applications for funds are reviewed by the Organising Committee, with conflicts of interest appropriately managed.

Pump priming awards

Applications for small pump priming awards for biomedical dementia research projects (up to £4,000) are currently open.

Post-docs and senior DPhil students are greatly encouraged to apply for small pump priming awards with a PI as co-applicant. The awards will be for a 5 month period and priority will be given to collaborative applications, either within or between ARUK Network Centres to foster new collaborations or enhance those already existing. These awards could also include provision for researchers at one Network Centre to perform experiments or learn techniques at another Centre. We strongly encourage applications to fund summer studentships as part of the network’s aim to recruit new dementia scientists. We anticipate funding up to 6 awards in 1 round of funding. Please note a condition of this pilot funding is to present the research if asked at ARUK Thames Valley network centre events.

Travel awards

We encourage network members to attend the ARUK annual conference. The next event will be held in Newport, Wales in March 2020. We are offering travel grant support of up to £250, only available to network members that submit an abstract. We will also be able to support 1st year PhD students that are not able to submit an abstract.

Please note that successful travel award recipients will have to provide a report on the conference that the funding has supported your attendance at.

We may also be able to offer travel grant support to network members presenting at international conferences – please do submit an application form to find out if we can support you.

Organisation of outreach and public engagement events

The Network can also provide funds to support outreach and public engagement events. Applications are open throughout the year.

Organisation of scientific networking opportunities

This can be for networking within or between Network Centres. Applications are open throughout the year.

Recently funded projects

In our most recent call for applications, we funded the following projects:

Title of award Type PI Collaborators Amount
Chimeric mousehuman antibodies to α-synuclein for studying α-synuclein uptake and degradation by microglia Pump priming Aadil El-Turabi (Oxford) Sally Cowley £4,000
Magnetic resonance imaging signatures of cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and genetic risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease Pump priming Michele Veldsman (Oxford) Jamie Farnes, Xin-
You Tai, Ludovica
Griffanti, Masud
Assessing synaptic health: towards the end-to-end approach to estimation of treatment effects of candidate compounds in neuronal cells using state-of-the art deep learning model Pump priming Andrey Kormilitzin (Oxford) Dr Alejo Nevado-
Holgado , Dr
The effect of the Apolipoprotein-e gene on shortand long-term memories Pump priming Nahid Zokaei (Oxford) Prof. Kia Nobre,
Dr Christopher
Hinds, Dr Claire
Amyloid beta modulation of microglia Zn2+ homeostasis Pump priming Martina Cherubin (Reading and Padova) Dr Mark Dallas,
Professor Morena
TRPM8 Ion Channel Distribution in Aged J20 Microglia Pump priming Laura Thei (Reading and Exeter) Talitha Kerrigan £4,000
Microscope camera, mount and computer Equipment Eleni Kaisis (Reading) Laura Thei, Mark
Samsung Tablet for cognitive testing Equipment Nahid Zokaei (Oxford) Anna Nobre £500
Oxford Nanopore MinION Equipment Charmaine Lang (Oxford) Peter Kilfeather,
Richard Wade-
EVOS Light Cube YFP Equipment Maria Karabova (Oxford) Sally Cowley £2,850

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