Our Peer Review process

All applications for funds are reviewed by the Organising Committee, with conflicts of interest appropriately managed.

You can download pro-formas here and these can be submitted to the Network Coordinator or Administrator when applications open for the year. We’ll update this page with deadline dates once applications are open again for Network funding.

Recently funded projects

In our most recent call for applications, we funded the following projects:

Title of award Type PI Collaborators Amount
Exploring the use of mobile-EEG and machine learning methods to profile signs of Mild Cognitive Impairment. Pump Priming Alison Toogood (Queen’s University Belfast) Dr Brian Murphy (QUB) and Dr Bernadette McGuinness (CPH) £3,358
The link between oral health and dementia Pump Priming Dr Ikhlas El karim (CEM) Dr Fionnuala Lundy (CEM), Dr Caroline Meharg (IGFS), Dr Tanya Curran (Belfast Trust), Dr Bernadette McGuinness (CPH) £4,200
Application of a novel automated behaviour monitoring system to study the effects of Alzheimer’s disease pathology in mouse models. Pump Priming Dr Brian Green (Queen's University Belfast) Dr Huiyu  Zhou (School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, QUB), Dr Paula McClean (C-TRIC, Altnagelvin Hospital Site, UU) £5,000
A pilot study to examine if serum concentrations of vitamin E and carotenoids are altered in mild cognitive impairment. Pump Priming Dr Gareth McKay (Queen's University Belfast) Professor Jayne Woodside; Dr Bernadette McGuinness £5,000

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