Our Peer Review process

All applications for funds are reviewed by the Organising Committee, with conflicts of interest appropriately managed.

You can download pro-formas here and these can be submitted to the Network Coordinator or Administrator when applications open for the year. We’ll update this page with deadline dates once applications are open again for Network funding.

Recently funded projects

In our most recent call for applications, we funded the following projects:

Title of award Type PI Collaborators Amount
Effect of SSRI treatment on APP in iPSC models of AD Pump priming Dr Sarah Aldred (Birmingham) Dr Eric Hill £5,000
N-end autophagy – defining a new therapeutic target for Alzheimer’s? Pump priming Dr Daniel Scott (Nottingham) £4,487
A comprehensive approach to SNP functionality in Alzheimer’s disease: Correlating genotype, expression and methylation levels in the BDNF gene Pump priming Dr Keeley Brookes (Nottingham Trent) University of Nottingham £4,950
Investigation of mitochondrial oxysterol metabolism pathway in Alzheimer’s disease Pump priming Dr Irundika Dia (Aston) University of Nottingham £4,375
Studying the effects of O-GlcNAc glycosylation on Amyloid beta pathology using a Drosophila model Pump priming Dr Cathy Slack (Aston) University of Birmingham £4,912
The Contribution of Synaptosome Genes to Alzheimer’s Disease Risk Pump priming Prof Kevin Morgan (Nottingham) £3,872
Blood biomarkers for dementia: Neurofilament and tau proteins Pump priming Elizabeta B. Mukaetova-Ladinska (Leicester) £4,666.41
Generation 3D neuronal networks to model neural network dysfunction in AD Pump priming Dr Eric Hill (Aston) University of Manchester, Loughborough £4,848

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