Through the Network Centre, there are opportunities for pump-priming funds, equipment grants and travel awards.

Our Peer Review process

All applications for funds are reviewed by the Organising Committee, with conflicts of interest appropriately managed.

Download the application forms here.

There are 3 rounds of grant calls in each financial year. The deadline for applications to our grants are as followed:

  1. 30 October
  2. 30 January
  3. 30 April

Recently funded projects

In the period Sept 2019 – Apr 2020, the East Network Centre awarded 8 Pump Priming Grants, 26 travel grants and 1 networking grant.

Recently funded projects

In the period Sept 2020 – Apr 2021, the East Network Centre awarded 11 Pump Priming Grant and 9 Travel Grant.

Tittle of award Type PI Collaborators Amount
Novel P2X7 receptor Neuro-inflammatory Markers In Neurodegenerative Disorder: Autoradiography study


PPG Abhishekh  Ashok Prof John O’Brien, Prof Franklin Aigbirhio, Prof Ferdia Gallagher, Dr Tomasz Matys £5,000.00
Transcriptomic changes of microglia in a human model of Lewy body dementia


PPG Dr Mehtap Bacioglu Janine Brandes,
Prof Maria Grazia Spillantini
Sedentary behaviour and cognitive function in community dwelling older people: A feasibility study


PPG Olawale Olanrewaju £2,800.00
Predicting post mortem tau and microglial pathology with in vivo PET imaging in progressive supranuclear palsy


PPG Maura Palpetti Dr. Sanne S. Kaalund
Prof. James B. Rowe
Dr. Kieren S.J. Allinson
Olfactory and colour vision impairments in Lewy body disorders and its early stages. PPG Dr Maria Prats-Sedano Dr Li Su and Dr Daniel Blackburn


Feasibility of multi-modal neurovascular 3T MRI to quantify cerebral hemodynamics in preclinical dementia


PPG Dr Maria-Eleni Dounavi Prof. John T. O’Brien
Dr. Guy Williams
Taking a place-based approach to primary prevention of dementia in Hertfordshire: interviews with local system leaders to explore their understanding of, and attitudes towards, dementia prevention policy


PPG Sebastian Walsh £1,434.00
Abnormal proteomic profile of FTD glia in patient iPSC-derived astrocytes and neuron co-cultures PPG Dr Aishwarya Nadadhur Prof. Maria-Grazia Spillantini


Intracellular thermometry and metabolic studies to quantify the energy flow and cost of amyloid-β 42 (Aβ42) aggregation and associated mitochondrial dysfunction in a live cell model


PPG Chyi Wei Chung Prof Gabriele Kaminski Schierle,
Prof David Spring
An iPSC-derived model for the perivascular macrophage inflammatory response and ROS production in cerebral small vessel disease


PPG Ioannis Kasioulis £2,333.00
Microelectrode array enabled microfluidic devices for studying tau pathology in neurodegenerative diseases


PPG Sagnik Middya Ernestine Hui, Dr Gabriele Kaminski Schierle, Prof George G Malliaras,
Dr Antonio Lombardo

The Cambridge Network has also awarded 46 travel grants in the period 2018/2019. These are split approximately 50/50 between PHD students and Post-doc/ERCs.

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