The East Network Centre is also home to the Alzheimer’s Research UK Cambridge Drug Discovery Institute and the Stem Cell Research Centre.

Equipment Institution Point of contact Grant scheme

Optima MAX Bench-top Ultracentrifuge. TLA-120.1 Fixed Angle Rotor. TLA-120.2 Fixed Angle Titanium Rotor.


University of Cambridge Maria Grazia Spillantini ARUK Equipment Grant



University of Cambridge Leila Luheshi ARUK Equipment Grant
Nikon Eclipse Ti-E microscope frame, motorised encoded stage, dichroic mirror and filter set, 561nm laser, Piezo Z-translator with controller and
specimen holder, optosplit system and optical components.
University of Cambridge Clemens Kaminski ARUK Equipment Grant

BX43 Upright Microscope, SC100 Colour Digital Camera With CellSens Software, polarising filters.


University of Cambridge


Carol Brayne

ARUK Equipment Grant


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