This dashboard contains information on research outputs reported annually by our researchers. We use this information to tell our supporters about the wide variety of things our scientists do to bring the field of dementia research forward.  

In the dashboard, we can… 

  • Understand what are the most common "research outputs" reported by our scientists. 
  • Learn about the difficulty of publishing discoveries. 
  • Look at the collaborations our scientists participate in with scientists all over the world. 
  • Find information on the way our scientists engage with the public and other researchers, disseminating the value of their discoveries. 
  • See that our scientists leveraged our awards into further funding for their work. 
  • And find out the type of practical influence and impact our scientists’ research has had. 

The data was downloaded from Researchfish, and cleaned to avoid duplicate reports of the same output across multiple awards. If you have any questions, please contact Jorge in the Research Team (