The ADAG is composed of drug discovery experts from both industry and academia, based in the UK and beyond, and participates in the annual reviews of ARUK’s Drug Discovery institutes, who together form the ARUK Drug Discovery Alliance.

  • Chair – Professor John Atack, University of Cardiff – Director, Medicines Discovery Institute
  • Dr Karl Gibson, Sandexis Medicinal Chemistry Ltd – Director
  • Dr Richard Mead, University of Sheffield – Senior Lecturer, Department of Neuroscience
  • Dr Jill Richardson, MSD – Senior Director, Discovery Research MRL UK
  • Dr John Kemp, Syndesi Therapeutics – Chief Scientific Officer
  • Dr Caroline Benn, LoQus23 Therapeutics Ltd – Chief Scientific Officer
  • Dr Jina Swartz, Exciva – Chief Medical Officer
  • Dr Gregory O’Sullivan, Astex Pharmaceuticals – Associate Director, External Science & Innovation, CNS