The Dementia Consortium aims to expedite the development of new drugs for dementia by supporting research into novel targets for neurodegeneration.

The progression of each application is assessed by the Dementia Consortium partners.


Alzheimer’s Research UK

James Connell - Head of Translational Science

Carol Routledge - Director of Research



Viktor Lakics - Senior Principal Research Scientist

Anthony Bannon - Scientific Director Neuroscience Development



Greg O’Sullivan - Protein trafficking expert, CNS

Brent Graham – Neuroscience expert

Nicola Wallis - Vice President Biology



Peter Atkinson - Director Head of UK Open Innovation, Neurology

James Allpress - Senior Manager Open Innovation Neurology

Andy Tackle - Executive Director & Head Neurology Innovation Centre



John Isaac - Senior Director Neuroscience External Innovation,

Lilian Alcaraz - Senior Director New Ventures & Transactions Neuroscience

Harrie Gijsen - Senior Director Head of Medicinal Chemistry



Hugh Nuthall - Senior Research Advisor Neurodegenerative Diseases

Suchira Bose - Research Advisor & Group Leader

Mike Hutton - Vice President Neurodegeneration Research



Jill Richardson - Senior Director Discovery Research

Janet Brownlees - Director at Discovery Research

Jina Elise Swartz - Executive Medical Director and Head of Neuroscience



Peter Maycox - Director UK/European Territory CNS External Programs



Laura Caberlotto, Senior Research Leader Translational Biology

Richard Law Senior Vice President Business Development


Charles River Laboratories

Nicole Hamblin - Senior Director Chemistry

Sarah Almond - Group Leader Cell Biology