Alzheimer’s Research UK is a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) and follows their guidelines for best practice in peer review. We also abide by conflict of interest policy throughout the review process.

The scientific merit of an application and the track record of the applicants are the key determinants of outcome, although the strength of the dementia research environment within the Host institution is also considered.

Grants are reviewed by distinct review panels, depending on the grant scheme applied to and the expertise required to review them. It is therefore important that applications are submitted to the most appropriate grant scheme.

A typical review process for applications submitted through our response mode funding schemes is demonstrated below. However, please refer to our grant schemes page for more information on the review processes for individual schemes.



Research guidelines and policies

Useful policies and guidelines relevant to all of our grant schemes.


Grants Review Board

This distinguished group of some of the world’s leading dementia research experts reviews the applications we receive to most of our grant schemes before making recommendations to our Trustees.

The ARUK Drug Discovery Alliance Advisory Group

The ADAG is composed of drug discovery experts from both industry and academia, based in the UK and beyond, and participates in the annual reviews of ARUK’s Drug Discovery institutes, who together form the ARUK Drug Discovery Alliance.

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