We are collaborating with scientists, clinicians and pharmaceutical companies to translate breakthroughs in the lab into life-changing treatments for people living with dementia.


We are at a tipping point in dementia research where finding a treatment that can stop the diseases is closer than ever before.

Bringing together expertise from across the UK and joining forces with pharmaceutical industries is important to achieve this. Alzheimer’s Research UK has two big initiatives dedicated to the search for new treatments.

The Drug Discovery Alliance (DDA) unites institutes in Cambridge, Oxford and London (UCL) to bridge the gap between discoveries by researchers in universities and drug development by pharmaceutical companies.


So far the DDA has made huge strides in accelerating the search for new treatments:

  • The three institutes have united 80 scientists researching new treatments.
  • Working with 15 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to develop findings in the lab.
  • With 200 collaborations across 11 countries.
  • Over 20 drug targets are currently being explored.

The Dementia Consortium (DC) is a partnership between Alzheimer’s Research UK and leading pharmaceutical companies and research organisations to fund research taking novel drug targets from the lab towards clinical trials. Find out about the projects this partnership has funded.

Current projects and initiatives