We are driving projects that will accelerate the science of dementia risk and empower people to make informed decisions to keep their brains healthy.

Reduce risk

Our risk of developing dementia is complex and made up of factors including our age, genetics and lifestyle. Research is unpicking how these factors interact and what we can do to reduce our risk.

Alzheimer’s Research UK has funded one of the largest risk studies to date called Insight 46. This project has been following a group of people since their birth in the same week in March 1946. The team have used medical and life history data collected about the volunteers over their lives to start to tease apart why some people may go on to develop dementia and others not. Understanding the lifelong risk factors for dementia is no easy task but studying people over their whole lives presents an unparalleled opportunity to gain this important knowledge.

We also received a huge £3.8 million in funding from The Mike Gooley Trailfinders Charity allowing us to launch The Mike Gooley Trailfinders Charity Prevention and Risk Reduction Fund. This fund is dedicated to research that will support healthy brain function into old age. Find out more about the four innovative projects here.

Current projects and initiatives