We know that we can’t overcome dementia alone and we are forging partnerships at home and across the globe to bring about life-changing treatments for people with dementia as soon as possible.

To really crack these diseases causing dementia, we are building global networks, breaking down silos and encouraging new blood into the field of dementia.

Alongside our own global funding initiatives including the Drug Discovery Alliance, The Dementia Consortium, Global Clinical Trials Fund we have also forged other global partnerships.


Brains for dementia research

Donated brain tissue provides a unique opportunity for researchers to study the complex workings of the human brain and what happens in dementia. Working with Alzheimer’s Society and with support from the Medical Research Council, we’re funding a network of brain banks across England and Wales. So far more than 3,000 people have signed up to become brain donors and donations that have already been made have helped over 110 pioneering research studies.

Join Dementia Research

We know how important volunteers are for dementia research. That’s why we’re working with the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and Alzheimer’s Society to deliver Join Dementia Research. This fantastic initiative lets you register your interest in being contacted about opportunities to volunteer in research studies

Join Dementia Research

Register your interest in being contacted about opportunities to volunteer in research studies.

How to get involved in research

Find out more about Join Dementia Research.

Coalition against Major Diseases

In 2014, we joined the Coalition against Major Diseases – a group of 40 universities, charities and pharmaceutical companies from across the world. The aim of this partnership is to share knowledge and expertise to develop tools and methods to improve the quality of clinical trials into Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

UK Health Forum

We’re pleased to be members of the UK Health Forum, working with other charities and organisations across the UK to help in the prevention of diseases like heart disease, obesity, stroke and dementia. Using the latest evidence, the UK Health Forum influences policy and develops programmes of work aiming to help people stay healthier for longer.

International Alzheimer’s disease Research Funder Consortium

We co-lead this group of 20 dementia research funding bodies, alongside US-based National Institute for Ageing and the Alzheimer’s Association. The Consortium comes together to identify areas of common interest and gaps in knowledge and innovation, so that we can bridge these gaps through collaboration. This is an excellent opportunity for us to help shape the global research landscape and ensure that vital efforts aren’t being duplicated.

Neurodegeneration Medicines Acceleration Programme (Neuro-MAP)

We’ve partnered with 10 other global charities and funders, including the US Alzheimer’s Association, Michael J Fox Foundation, ALS Association and LifeArc, to back an initiative that will investigate drugs previously stalled in development by the pharmaceutical industry and explore their potential for treating dementias. We must explore every avenue possible to find medicines that can change lives affected by dementia.

International funding partnerships

Our global research perspective means we only ever fund the very best research. Over the past year we’ve become members of the Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration in Aging (CCNA), joining forces with organisations across the world to fund vital research focused on preventing and delaying Alzheimer’s and improving quality of life for those affected.

In 2014 we offered our support to the British Israeli Research and Academic Exchange Partnership, a collaborative programme to fund pioneering stem cell research and joined forces with US-based SAGE Bionetworks and six other funders to support a research challenge to analyse huge amounts of data to reveal clues on early detection of Alzheimer’s. The findings of this research will be made available to other scientists across the globe helping everyone make progress faster.

Research projects

With your support, we’re developing innovative initiatives to fund the people, equipment and ideas that will make life-changing breakthroughs possible.

A scientist using laboratory equipment

With your support, our mission is bold and clear – to bring about the first life-changing dementia treatment by 2025.


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