Alzheimer’s Research UK is dedicated to making life-changing breakthroughs in diagnosis, prevention, treatment and cure. Through investing in research, we will help make these breakthroughs possible.

To make sure that we fund the highest quality projects with the best chance of success, we have a thorough peer review process which follows guidelines set out by the Association of Medical Research Charities.

Our world-class advisory panels ensure that we are rigorous and smart in our funding decisions.

We have a Grants Review Board of over 15 UK-based research experts who review all our applications for grant funding, along with input from expert reviewers from across the world.

We also have a separate Clinical Trials Advisory Panel whose expertise is specific to clinical trials and help advise us on funding through our Global Clinical Trials Fund.

It’s important that we’re taking every opportunity on the global stage and that we’re investing your donations in the best possible way.

Research projects

With your support, we’re developing innovative initiatives to fund the people, equipment and ideas that will make life-changing breakthroughs possible.

A scientist using laboratory equipment

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