Research Projects

Imaging the connections between brain cells

Awarded to:
Dr Chris Henstridge

Current award:

University of Dundee

14 February 2020 - 13 February 2021

Full project name:

High-resolution imaging of synaptic pathology in health and disease






We have more connections between our brain cells, than there are stars in our galaxy. These tiny structures are critical for normal brain function and we know that in dementia, the loss of these connections’ associates strongly with a decline in thinking skills.

It is crucial to understand where and why these are being lost. This research will fund specialised equipment that can cut brain tissue into extremely thin sections, which is important for analysing these tiny connections.

The machine will be used to prepare human brain tissue and brains from mice with features of dementia. It will help slice the brain tissue into ribbons a mere nanometre thick. That is 1/100,000th the thickness of a human hair.

This incredible machine will make, Dr Henstridge’s work possible, helping him establish his own independent lab at the University of Dundee bolstering dementia research at the university and adding vital new capacity to take on our greatest medical challenge.

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Dementia is one of the world’s greatest challenges. It steals lives and leaves millions heartbroken. But we can change the future.