Why Colin is running the Cambridge Half Marathon in an orange morph suit


By Colin Neilson | Tuesday 01 November 2022

Colin Neilson is one of our most easy-to-spot runners thanks to his bright orange costume. He has run many races as ‘Morph’, including this year’s London Marathon. He has also run the Cambridge Half Marathon three times and will be taking on the race in the historic university city again in March. 

I really have no idea how I came up with idea of running in an orange morph suit. I just wanted some way to draw attention to Alzheimer’s Research UK. It’s definitely mission accomplished!

It’s great to run as Morph in Cambridge, the home city of Alzheimer’s Research UK. The Cambridge Half Marathon is a special event because of the amazing route and the crowds. Whether you’re in the city or out in the rural parts of the course, there are always people giving you a cheer.

Being part of #TeamARUK is brilliant. It’s a community of people who are all raising money for the same ultimate goal – to find a cure for dementia. I’ve made many special, lifelong friends through my support of Alzheimer’s Research UK.

I raise funds for research in memory of my mum, Morag, who died in 2016 with frontotemporal dementia.

It’s such a cruel condition both for the person with dementia and their family who have to watch their loved one slowly deteriorate.

Mum had a range of symptoms from confusion and memory loss through to loss of inhibitions, obsessions and delusions. It was so much more than the image some people have of dementia of people just getting a little forgetful in old age.

It is absolutely heartbreaking when your own mother no longer knows who you are or watching tears roll down her cheeks because she thinks in her mind that her husband, my dad, has died when he is alive and well at home

It is only through research that we’ll put an end to dementia so other people don’t have to go through what my mum went through.

I’d love you to join me and run the Cambridge Half Marathon on Sunday 5 March for Alzheimer’s Research UK. You can sign-up here https://alzheimersresearchuk.org/events/cambridge-half-2023/

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